How to Fake a Cool Cocktail: Ludlows Cocktails Spritzes and Jelly Shots

I love throwing parties, but I’m not the best at making cocktails. I know it’s very trendy these days to know all about “mixology,” but between the pop culture to keep up with in my Us Weeklys and skin care product research, I don’t want to take on anything else. šŸ˜‰ And that’s what $15 cocktail lounges are for. The cheaper solution to this problem: a pre-made wine-based cocktail that you can pop out of the fridge and serve at a minute’s notice.

I recently wandered into my local wine shop in San Francisco, Biondivino, which was featuring a Ludlows Cocktail Co. Spritz!Ā tasting from the lovely entrepreneurs Freya and Natasha, along with their COOLHAUS architecture-inspired ice cream sandwiches. Wine spritzes and ice cream = a combo that can’t be beat. šŸ˜€

Why I’m obsessed with the Ludlows Cocktail Co. Spritz!:

Natasha and Freya Ludlows Cocktails
Natasha Case and Freya Esteller, the masterminds behind COOLHAUS and Ludlows Cocktail Co.
  • The Spritz! is made with real fruit and natural ingredients like cucumber, mint, grapefruit, lemon. None of those nasty chemicals like in Skinnygirl Cocktails.
  • Can be served over ice or cold. No need for cocktail shakers or fancy tools.
  • By adding a sprig of mint, slice of grapefruit or lime to the glass, you look like you’ve made a fancy cocktail with almost zero effort.
  • Made with grape sparkling wine, so they are alcoholic (like most sparkling wines, at 11% alcohol content), but not as strong for a casual gathering. Doesn’t have the strong fizziness of most sparkling wines, just a light, um…”sparkle”.
  • You can make it stronger by adding other hard liquors. They suggested adding tequila to the Golden Apple Bartlett Pear and adding gin to theĀ Grapefruit Elderflower.
  • My favorite was the Golden Apple Bartlett Pear but my friends liked the Grapefruit Elderflower too. They’re both good–it was hard to choose.
  • They put emojis on their label to tell their story. Aww.

    Golden Apple + Bartlett Pear Spritz! label

Side Note:

COOLHAUS ice cream sandwich in gourmet flavors
  • This creative couple are also behindĀ COOLHAUS ice cream sandwiches, which you might have seen at gourmet grocery stores and chains like Whole Foods or Safeway. The sandwiches are all named after architects like Frank Berry. Get it, Frank Gehry fans? I also like the play on words for these names: Renzo Apple Pie-ano, Mies Vanilla Rohe and IM Pei-Nut Butter. Clever.
  • Think of the last time you had JELL-O shots. Yes, you can now relive your unspent youth with a more civilized and upscale version ofĀ adult jello shotsĀ (!!) from Ludlows, called Jelly Shots. “Civilized,” meaning that none of them have colors not found in nature. Their flavors are way more natural than your usual processed JELL-O boxes. I want to throw a party solely to try them out now. I really really want these Moscow Mule Jelly Shots:Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 4.58.14 PM


  • Get 10% off orders of $75 or more from my local wine store,Ā Biondivino!
  • The one bottle I bought costĀ $22 USD, but prices may be different in other areas.
  • Keep aĀ Spritz! cocktail in your fridge at all times so you have something ready if you have last-minute houseguests

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