Pam’s Favorite Places: A New Blog

My long-suffering cat is now used to the sight of my suitcase out on the floor. She actively attempts to prevent me from packing because she knows that I will be leaving her.* I like to travel every month if I can. I’m starting a new section of my blog under Travel called “Pam’s Favorite Places” to share my experiences with the hotels, cities and activities that I have personally tested out and enjoyed.Cat on suitcase

I usually like stay at boutique or luxury hotels, vs. large chains. Definitely not a budget traveler–BUT I’m not usually paying full price for most of these places. I’ll also list out my tips for getting deals.

I hope it inspires you to travel too!

* I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful group of cat lovers/friends who cat-sit my cat Supi for me. She may not like it, but don’t worry, she’s not being left alone when I’m on my travels.

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