Flawless Skin: Evelyn Iona Natural Cream Concealer Review

Having perfectly clear, even-toned skin is the dream for most of us. Take a look at any pre-tween child and that’s the goal. Youthful skin is wasted on the young–at least until they hit puberty. Thank goodness for concealer!

I discovered my new favorite concealer, Evelyn Iona Concealer, from a salesperson at one of my favorite stores, a Sephora for organic beauty products, called Credo. It’s a moisturizing concealer that you can apply with your fingers.

Why I’m obsessed with Evelyn Iona Concealer:

  • Effectively covers redness from acne, rosacea and any dark spots without having to cake it on.
  • Moisturizes all day for my dry skin
  • I do sometimes use it under my eyes to cover the dark circles too, which is nice because I don’t have to switch to another product for that area
  • Doesn’t pool into wrinkles and fine lines
  • If you don’t want to use foundation, you can use this alone. Buildable coverage.
  • It’s vegan and organic, so that makes me feel good about using it too!
  • The compact with mirror that I found is also more convenient than using a bottled liquid concealer. Those can get so messy.
    • FYI: The newer version of the concealer container may not have a mirror anymore, but it’s still in compact form.
Evelyn Iona Camouflage Cream in 16 Fresh
Evenlyn Iona Concealer Label.JPG
Evelyn Iona natural cream concealer


  • When I take a morning flight, I love being able to quickly pat on Evelyn Iona Concealer without additional foundation to cover redness because it’s not drying at all. Flights can make your skin very dry, if you haven’t already experienced the shock of seeing your parched face in an airplane bathroom mirror at the end of a long flight. After hours of being on a flight, my skin still felt moisturized and the concealer was still concealing!
  • Use it sparingly for some trouble spots OR use all over like foundation. It’s up to you.
  • Easier to take it to the gym when you don’t want to lug around a large glass foundation bottle

Note: A good option for the dark circles under the eyes is Yves Saint Lauren Touche Eclat. It is NOT a good all-over concealer, however. It’s officially a “highlighter,” not a concealer. So it won’t effectively cover up your spots but will help with lightening up the shadowy areas of your face, like under the eyes and the sides of your nose.

To compare with Evelyn Iona Concealer, I tried another organic cream concealer that was similarly hydrating from RMS, “Un” Cover-up Cremé de Camouflouge, which I didn’t like as much.

RMS concealer. Didn’t work for me.

The problem I found was that, even though I have dry skin, I found that it looked perfect after first applying, but then was pooling from the greasiness soon after. The main ingredient is coconut oil. Using it was similar to the effect of oil separating when water is combined with it. But on your face. Wah.

I have dry skin, so if it doesn’t work for me–I’m not sure who else would want to use it. Probably not a great choice if you have normal or oily skin. But on the bright side, it’s coconut-oil based, which is moisturizing and natural.

RMS concealer ingredients. Maybe too much coconut oil?

Evelyn Iona – Natural / Organic / Vegan Concealer (Flawless)

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Concealer for Women, Luminous Silk, 0.1 Ounce

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