Dry, Parched Feet No More: Baby Foot Peel Review

Ah, the Japanese. They really know how to make a product creepy and cute at the same time. Baby Foot is a foot peel treatment that transforms your rough, flaky feet into “baby-soft” smoothness.

Baby Foot Front Box

Disclaimer: I’m warning you now. If you don’t feel comfortable with the sight of dead skin shedding on a daily basis off your feet for a couple weeks, then this might not be for you. I was desperate, so that didn’t concern me.

It’s kind of a miracle. After trying loads of creams and foot scrubs to get rid of my dry heels, a friend told me about Baby Foot. Be prepared because it’s a journey–but one that’s well worth taking!


What Is It?

  • It’s like a face mask treatment, but for your feet. You get 1 pair of booties that have material in the bottom that holds the serum that does the exfoliating.
  • You soak your feet for 1 hour and then rinse off with soap and water.
  • Your skin starts to shed. And I mean shed–like all over the place for days.
  • About 2 weeks later, you have baby soft feet!

Back to the Japanese. The packaging shows several disgusting photos of dry feet with flaking, shedding skin with cute faces drawn on them.

Baby Foot Dry Skin Face.jpg
Well, why not put a cute face on top of your dead foot skin?

They’re somewhat obsessed with the skin that

Baby Foot Contest
I didn’t enter the contest…yet.

sheds off your feet when you use this product. To the extent that they categorize and name the types of skin shedding. There’s even a contest for the best “Surprising pictures of dead skin peeling!” So twisted but at the same time sincere.

Why I’m Obsessed with Baby Foot:

  • This has worked better than any other product I’ve tried, including a cheaper Korean Kocostar version of the foot peel.
  • It’s totally worth the embarrassment of the shedding.


  • Follow the instructions!
  • Take a shower or bathe your feet before you start.
  • Those booties are darn slippery, so you can put socks over the booties if you need to walk around. Or get a chair for your bathroom and curl up with a good book or magazine.
  • Important: I saw a lot better results when I remembered to soak my feet every night after the treatment. It speeds up the skin shedding.
  • Don’t put any lotions on your feet during this two-week time period.
  • Expect lots of dead skin to fall off your feet. Try not to do too many yoga classes with your bare feet or you’ll have to clean up an embarrassing trail of dead skin behind you.
  • These chemicals will kill your nail polish, so don’t do the soak after a fresh pedicure.
  • For those of you on a budget but with lots of time, you could conceivably use one bootie for an hour and then switch the same bootie on your other foot for an hour. And save the other one for the next time.
  • I experienced some stinging on the tops of my sensitive feet after getting sun on them so I didn’t tie the booties closed. Don’t continue it if you start feeling pain.

Bonus Material (for those of you with strong stomachs):

  • They categorize the different types of peeling you can experience. Who knew that there were 5 different kinds?! The Japanese are really good at getting excited about something and capitalizing on it.
Baby Foot Types of Peeling.JPG
The 5 different types of shedding.



Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation for Feet peel, lavender scented, 2.4 fl. oz.

Kocostar Foot Therapy 1.35oz

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