Look to the Light for Good Skin: Anti-Aging Light Therapy Review

The latest anti-aging beauty trend that’s been brewing for a while has been light therapy for your face to build collagen, remove dark spots and heal acne and eczema. Blue light, red light, what does it all mean? And does it work? Yes! I can safely say that it does! This, besides good genes and sunblock, is one of my secrets to clear, younger-looking skin.

Why I’m Obsessed with Red Light Therapy

  • Red light heals inflammation, which is the cause of most skin issues (and diseases in general). This is something NASA discovered helps heal wounds, burns and ulcers. It’s legit. I’ve also seen this used in the dermatologist’s office. Why not do it at home?
  • The red light prevented an eczema flare-up from getting worse on my face. Also works on cold sores, acne, rosacea, the list goes on.
  • Yes, I have noticed that my forehead seems less lined than before after regular use for a couple weeks. Also, helped reduce the rosacea redness on my face.
  • No joke. This even works for relieving sore muscles. I have had a sore muscle and then used this for a few minutes directly on the spot–and felt less soreness immediately! They do have devices that target muscle soreness, but I’ve just been using the reVive Red Light Therapy Handheld for everything.
  • You can easily travel with it since most devices are powered by charger or USB. Helps if you travel internationally and want to use your laptop to power it.

Product Reviews:

Norlanya Red Light Therapy Machine Review

I tried the Norlanya handheld red light device first. I liked that it was cordless and could easily be charged with a USB port as well as into an outlet.

The Upside:

  • It was convenient because I wasn’t attached to a cord. I could light up my face while walking around! The instructions made it sound like you could wave it around in circles on your face, instead of fixing on one spot at a time.
  • It has two options for the light, Continuous or Pulse. Honestly not sure it made a difference as long as you were getting red light.Norlanya on Face

The Downside:

  • The light only comes on if your skin is touching the clear plastic cover. It’s not uncomfortable at all, but it’s annoying if you want to light up an area that isn’t perfectly flat.
  • I had to return mine because the pulse option wasn’t working correctly. I’m not entirely sure that option is even needed, but I returned it because I was afraid other things might break.

reVive Red Light Therapy Handheld Anti-Aging Review

The reVive is the one I use every week. It’s simple and from a brand I trust. Hasn’t broken down yet and I’ve been using it for several months!Revive Light Therapy Full

The Upside:Red Light on Hand

  • It’s FDA approved, so you won’t do any damage to your skin. NOTE: it’s not the same light as UV light, which creates wrinkles and sun damage.
  • At $49.99 USD, this handheld is cheaper than the panel option, but also cheaper than the Norlanya. You also don’t have to pay for regular batteries or “activators”, which the Neutrogena one charges for every 30 uses.
  • Because I’m not touching my skin with the device, there’s little maintenance or cleaning needed.

The Downside:

  • You don’t actually touch your skin to the device, you hold it just above it (they recommend 1/4 inch away), which can be difficult to hold for a long period of time. It’s okay if you do touch your skin, however.

    Revive Red Light on Face
    No need to touch your face to the reVive handheld red light device
  • It’s smaller than some other models out there–if you don’t think you’ll have the time to do each section of your face, you should consider the larger full panel model.


  • You won’t burn yourself but it does get a little hot. Sometimes I wait for it to cool down if I’ve been using it a lot before doing another treatment.
  • I don’t use the goggles that were provided because they are annoying–I just close my eyes.
  • I’ve read that you should use it either every day or every other day to give your skin a chance to build collagen. I don’t keep to a schedule–I just do it when I remember.
  • Don’t use this when your skin has any makeup or sunscreen on, as it reduces the effectiveness. They say to use it only when your skin is freshly cleaned, but I’m not that strict. I also use the reVive handheld device, which doesn’t require you to touch the skin, so that helps.
  • A friend uses the larger hands-free panel version from reVive that allows you to put your face above the panels and saves time.
  • For people who want to address acne, the blue light treatments might work better than the red light ones. Big companies like Neutrogena are already selling a combo blue and red light treatment.
  • Take it with you when you travel and use your phone or laptop’s USB port to charge it–you don’t have to worry about plug adapters for foreign countries!

NORLANYA RED Light Therapy Machine – Collagen Boost 660nm – Skin Firming and Lifting. Rechargeable/ USB/Wall Plug Charging – Light Emission Control Sensor

reVive Light Therapy Professional Panel System

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Treatment Mask

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