Mascara Hacks and How to Help Cute Animals

You would think that the ultimate mascara would have been invented by now, since it’s been around since ancient Egyptian times. But there are so many different formulas and brands, it’s hard to get to the perfect one for you. Regardless of what brand you use, here are simple tips for using mascara.

Separating lashes: People have all different ways to get the clumps out of lashes right after application.

  • Use Sephora’s handy retractable Lift Off Comb to carefully separate lashes after applying mascara and before it dries. Please don’t poke yourself in the eye with the metal teeth! Yes, it’s slightly dangerous, but on the bright side, it’s great for travel since it folds down.
  • Use a gum stimulator to separate lashes. It’s safer than some other tools because it’s not as sharp. But–it’s not as precise as the comb. Just don’t use the same tool on your gums and your eyelashes. I hope that I don’t have to tell you how gross that is.
  • Famously, Audrey Hepburn used a pin to separate her lashes. Please don’t do that unless you’re advanced!

Curling eyelashes: 

  • I heard that in the past, women used spoons to curl their lashes. I tried it once, but it kind of doesn’t make sense. Perhaps my spoon was too large. Too small?
  • The best option for me has been to use the famous Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler that sadly isn’t easily available in stores in the U.S. anymore. You can still always go to Japan! Or it might be easier to just go directly to the Shu Uemura site.
  • Get an eyelash “lift”. It’s essentially like getting a perm for your eyelashes, so you don’t have to curl your lashes every day. The solution even smells like the perms of yesteryear that you would get on your hair (on your head). It’s such a time-saver!
  • Help keep the curl in your lashes with your finger. Apply mascara and then hold your lashes up with the side of your index finger until it dries.

Extend the life of your mascara:

  • Put a drop or two of sterile saline solution into your mascara tube to give it more moisture if it’s starting to dry out.

Smudge-proof your lashes:

  • Use two different types of mascara. First, apply lengthening or volumizing mascara. Then the secret is to apply a tubing mascara, like the ones I talked about in my review. The first mascara application helps with creating more length or volume and then the tube mascara helps keep them curled and far away from smudging your bottom lid.

Mascara application tips:

Help save animals! Donate your old mascara wands for cute creatures:

  • Who doesn’t want to help cute animals? A nonprofit needs your old mascara wands to help care for wildlife. Visit Wands for Wildlife to donate your used (washed) mascara wands or money.


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