Best Water Bottle Ever: Vapur Review

I’ve been stopped by several strangers–no joke– to ask me where to get this water bottle. That doesn’t count the number of friends who have also bought this. It’s not your typical cylindrical, hard-to-pack water bottle. I hated traveling and having to dump my water out of my plastic or metal bottle to get through TSA security–and then stuff a big empty, useless water bottle into my bag.

I found the Vapur water bottle and it’s become an appendage. People at work identified me by this water bottle because it’s so distinctive. Hey, I need to stay hydrated! This picture shows a Vapur half liter, which isn’t enough for a full day. Get the liter size to be safe.Vapur

Top Benefits of the Vapur water bottle:

  • Affordable! Only about $14. Can’t be beat.
  • Can lay flat when empty.
  • Handy and sturdy carabiner attached to the cap. I’ve been known to attach it to the ring on the side of my handbag strap. Kinda nerdy, but it’s convenient when I don’t have room in my purse.
  • Stands on its own when filled.
  • Super light. Adds no extra weight in your bag.
  • Even when it’s partially filled, I can still fold it up in my purse.
  • Roll it up and secure it with the carabiner handle
  • Cold and hot drinks (although I wouldn’t do too hot because it will be hard to hold!)
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe. Screw the top off and you can get a bottle brush in there if you don’t use a dishwasher.


  • Remember to wash the top regularly, as mold can form if you don’t. Yuck.
  • I’ve dropped mine on the sidewalk, shoved it into the cardio machine cupholders at the gym and over time, it can form cracks, which will be evident when it starts leaking. I do use it every single day, however, so I think it’s got a lifespan of about 7 months for heavy usage and being beaten up on a daily basis.
  • Because it’s not a freestanding bottle when not full, if it’s partially filled, you need to hold it securely at the bottom to take a sip. The top on this model has a perfectly-sized small opening, though, so you don’t have to worry about the water dribbling all over your face. They also make ones that have the top where you squirt it out of a tiny hole, but I don’t like those as much. Those make me feel like I’m expending way too much energy to get water into my mouth.

Vapur Element Bottle – Water 1-Liter, (34oz)

Vapur Shades Water Bottle, 0.5-Liter, Blue

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