Check Your Makeup with Your iPhone Case Mirror: Johncase iPhone 6 Soft Bumper with Mirror Review

Most people have their phones at reach at all times. I figured if I was going to always have my phone on me, why not make it useful and get a bumper case with a back mirror on it. I’ve just gotten my second one, and I’ve had my iPhone 6 for 1.5 years already. Pretty good for something that costs only $6.99.

My primary uses of mirror-backed phone case:

  • Putting on lipstick
  • Checking to see if you have something in your teeth (my guy friends like this too)
  • Getting out some gunk that’s flown into your eye–see, this mirror is good for your health!
  • Checking my hair or face to see if a crazy pimple/rash/hive has started appearing, a common fear when you have super sensitive skin
  • Hidden benefit: When someone’s taking your photo, you can see what you look like in the mirror back. Almost like taking a selfie but with better resolution and a little less narcissistic.

I’m not one of those girls who can put on lipstick without a mirror which is why it’s my main use case for this. But I do love lip products and always have a minimum of 5 in my purse, like lip sunblock, moisturizer, sheer lipstick, matte lipstick, gloss, etc. That’s a whole other series of blog posts

I took some pictures of the case without the phone in it, as I couldn’t take a photo of the phone in the case–with my phone, which is an existential problem to have. Ha. But I was able to take a photo with my original phone case on it–you can see the quality of the mirror is pretty good, but with an ever so slight gold cast.

Why I’m obsessed:

  • The mirror comes in handy for all types of situations you would never have thought of. Maybe you want to secretly watch people behind you.Phone case solo
  • This is a bumper, so it does not cover the front. I actually like that feature because covers can get bulky. The bumper material is rubbery, so it helps with the naturally slippery iPhone. My tangent: Why oh why, Apple, can’t you make the sides less slippery? It’s almost as if  you’re trying to get us to break the glass in some sort of conspiracy…
  • Luckily Johncase sends along a handy film for the front of the phone, which you should use to protect it.
  • The bumper’s sides are clear, so you can show off your phone’s original rose gold phone color.
  • Super easy to put on the phone and take off, in case you get dirt or dust in there.
  • Works with iPhone 6 or 6s phones.
  • The reflection on the mirror catches the light and makes a great cat toy 🙂


  • Over time, the mirror back can get scratched, making it harder to see things. Just get another one people, it’s only $6.99!
  • There are several variations of this product on Amazon, but I would stick with the brand I found to be safe: Johncase iPhone 6/6s Bumper

Johncase® Iphone 6 Mirror Girls Case,Soft TPU Bumper with Electroplating Mirror Girls Cover Luxury Case for iphone 6 6s Gold

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