Revisited: Get that Spinach Out of Your Teeth & Check Your Makeup with a Mirrored iPhone Case

The common dilemma: you’re on a date or at a work lunch meeting and suspect that you have something stuck in your teeth. The solution: either don’t ever eat salads (or poppyseed bagels) ever again–or–use your phone case mirror to check it out and fix it.

Most people have their phones at reach at all times. I figured if I was going to always have my phone on me, why not make it useful and get a bumper case with a back mirror on it.

I know that people use their cameras and then switch the view to see themselves and check themselves out–but why waste time and your battery life on setting that all up? Also, I’m not photogenic, so I’ll save that little bit of self esteem. And doesn’t the camera supposedly add 20 lbs.?

I’ve tried several of these cases and just got a new one for my iPhone 8. (Check out my review for the iPhone 6 mirror backed bumper case if you’re a holdout on getting a new phone.)

My primary uses of mirror-backed phone case:

  • Putting on lipstick
  • Checking to see if you have something in your teeth (my guy friends like this too)
  • Getting out some gunk that’s flown into your eye–see, this mirror is good for your health!
  • Checking my hair or face to see if a crazy pimple/rash/hive has started appearing, a common fear when you have super sensitive skin
  • Hidden benefit: When someone’s taking your photo, you can see what you look like in the mirror back. Almost like taking a selfie but with better resolution and a little less narcissistic.

I’m not one of those girls who can put on lipstick without a mirror which is why it’s my main use case for this. But I do love lip products and always have a minimum of 5 in my purse, like lip sunblock, moisturizer, sheer lipstick, matte lipstick, gloss, etc. That’s a whole other series of blog posts

I took some pictures of the case without the phone in it, as I couldn’t take a photo of the phone in the case–with my phone, which is an existential problem to have. Ha.

Why I’m obsessed:

  • The mirror comes in handy for all types of situations you would never have thought of. Maybe you want to secretly watch people behind you.
  • This is a bumper, so it does not cover the front. I actually like that feature because covers can get bulky. The bumper material is rubbery, so it helps with the naturally slippery iPhone. My tangent: Why oh why, Apple, can’t you make the sides less slippery? It’s almost as if  you’re trying to get us to break the glass in some sort of conspiracy…
  • The bumper’s sides are clear, so you can show off your phone’s original rose gold phone color.
  • Super easy to put on the phone and take off, in case you get dirt or dust in there.
  • The reflection on the mirror catches the light and makes a great cat toy 🙂


  • Over time, the mirror back can get scratched, making it harder to see things. Just get another one people, it’s only $9.99!
  • It’s personal preference, but I find that the silver color option is still the best choice for a real mirror experience.
  • There are several variations of this product on Amazon, but I like the Johncase or Viromo Silver Back Cover because they don’t distort your image and are not bulky.


Johncase® Iphone 6 Mirror Girls Case,Soft TPU Bumper with Electroplating Mirror Girls Cover Luxury Case for iphone 6 6s Gold

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