Christmas in July Is Here: Amazon Prime Day, July 15-16!

For those of you not familiar, Amazon Prime Day is the online shopaholic’s version of “Christmas in July”. Amazon sets aside one day–although now it’s two days, July 15 and 16 (starting 12am Pacific Time)–of deals that you won’t get on other days. But only if you’re a Prime Member. It’s kind of like a Black Friday deal for early holiday shoppers.

Although you don’t have to get gifts for others. I just wait for this time to buy the pricey appliances I’ve been eyeing all year. It’s okay. You really NEED that Instant Pot for 40% off.

Here are the types of early deals you can get even now:

Kindle Glare Free.jpg

Kids Kindle 7


  • If you are a Prime member already, spend $10 at any Whole Foods now and you’ll automatically see a $10 credit in your Amazon shopping account if you get your QR code scanned at the store. It helps to have the Amazon app already downloaded and logged in when you go to the store. Don’t be that person in the checkout line who’s trying to get the app downloaded with a bad grocery store internet connection and trying to remember their Amazon account password.
  • There are early Prime Day deals for those who just can’t wait. Get the savings even now!
  • Keep checking Amazon for new deals that are limited-time only. Sometimes they’ll post something that’s only for a day or less, so make fast decisions.

The Rules:

  1. You must be an Amazon Prime Member. When you sign up, you’re committing to paying $ per year, but why wouldn’t you since you get free shipping on most items and access to Amazon Prime Video to boot?
  2. You only have 2 days to shop the deals: Monday July 15 and Tuesday July 16: starting at 12am PT, July 15 and ending at 11:59pm PT on July 16.
  3. No other rules! Enjoy shopping!

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